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Présentation de l'atelier

Introduction to the Workshop

The realisation of big objects is no problem. The workshop has so many possibilities for transforming materials that the only limit is imagination.  The evidence speaks for itself:  from traditional coal ironmongery to computer controlled soldering, not to mention plasma cutting, the possibilities under one roof are huge. Your imagination is the only limit to the transformation possibilities the workshop offers.

For private individuals, the main clientele of the Souyris workshop, technological progress means that objects can be made as in bygone eras but with higher quality, precision and security. “ We are responsible, we don’t allow ourselves to do anything. We are very regarding about standards and stress tests.”

Marketing and Design

“No need for a rep at the Souyris workshop!”  Customers come because they’ve already seen the standard of work; it’s been that way for 10 years.  With careful observation of the environment into which the finished piece will go, this is where Mo’s sharp eye comes into its own, From broad outlines to the shape of the most basic screw.  Then the appearance and finishing.  A golden rule: it’s essential to dialogue with the client to ensure the realization of something that he holds dear and which he should hold dear for a very long time ...

The Design Procedure

The project really begins with the client :  measurements are taken, the context is carefully studied.  Back at the workshop the plans are drawn, sometimes prototypes are made, to help give an idea of what it will look like and give form to the original idea.  At this point, Serge and Mo can tell if the project can be carried out regarding the safety standards. Clients are then invited for a presentation and to talk about the order fulfillment. The realization begins with precise 3D. The material is prepared, cut up, put together, wedged, joined, sanded, finalized, delivered and fixed by the Souyris workshop and no one else.

The Technical Workshop

It is possible to create pieces that we have lost the habit of making using the latest equipment combined with traditional techniques.  But this time it’s quicker (and therefore cheaper) and above all, more precise.  For example, doors and windows with perfect insulation ... in iron!  It’s a material that insulates 4 times more than aluminum, is 5 times more resistant and allows for complex shapes that can integrate insulating joints: a real barrier to heat and cold and preconceived ideas out of the window.