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Eco Commitment

Iron can be infinitely recycled. Mined from the earth, it can return to it without negative consequences;  in between it can have so many lives!  a car can become cutlery sets! Iron, in the same way as glass can me melted over and over again. Associated with carbon it becomes performing and resisting steel. The Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty are beautiful example of this alchemy.  Corrosion is no longer a problem thanks to the new treatments. From the instant it is created from petrol, plastic pollutes.  Once broken down it’s of no further use!  But eco-commitment is also making sure that well insulated doors and windows, when fitted with the latest glazing, give perfect thermal insulation.

Recycling iron

To the infinite and beyond! Metal can be used over and over without any mechanical, physical or chemical alteration unlike stone, glass, wood and plastic. New techniques allow for protection against corrosion.  When transformed into steel, its resistance limits are pushed back even further.  The recycling and remelting of iron use much less energy than the initial transformation of the mineral when extracted from the earth.  Priority should be given to this way of considerably
reducing pollutants.

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A material that has traversed generations

Iron has been used since ancient times.  And new technology gives it a place in the future.  Serge Souyris uses his experience with precision techniques (for example in the biomedical industry and diving equipment). He can accomplish all types of projects thanks to the well equipped workshop, using either the resistance of steel, or the performance of stainless steel or zinc, a very delicate material. he wide variety of equipment allows the realization of almost all the projects a customer has in mind.

Iron and scrap metal

Mineral history is linked to ours.

7000 years ago, our ancestors began transforming copper. It contributed to ameliorate their conditions of existence.

Nowadays, rhodium and titanium allow us to accomplish technological prowess.

Metal is our past, but also our future...