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Who are we ?

The Souyris workshop is above all Serge and Mo Souyris in their 200m² ironworks at the heart of Clermont-l’Herault. They work on iron, steel and zinc for all sorts of general uses.  In other words they can do everything: houses, windows, kitchens, furniture, decor.  Everything is possible. But you can’t do everything alone.

They work with a team of professional partners, expert colleagues, depending on the workload and technical demands of the jobs. In this business there is no room for error; high standards and savoir faire are prerequisites for projects that must meet the demands of very personal desires.

Reportage diffusé sur TF1

" L'Atelier Souyris, le goût des belles choses "

Reportage tourné par TF1 et diffusé au Journal de 13 heures le 03 Octobre 2011

Eco Commitment

Iron can be infinitely recycled. Mined from the earth, it can return to it without negative consequences;  in between it can have so many lives!  a car can become cutlery sets! Iron, in the same way as glass can me melted over and over again.

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